You Should Always Be Alarmed

There are plenty of home security tips that I could share with you, but I am only going to take the time to share the most important ones with you today. While you might think that the second floor of your home is safe, you would be wrong. There are plenty of theives willing to climb on top of your roof just to get into an unlocked window or door. So make sure that you are always locking both your downstairs and upstairs windows. You should even go as far as to alarm the upstairs windows because you do not want someone sneaking into your home while you are asleep. The same goes for the downstairs. You should have the entire house alarmed, the cost of maintaing that alarm is nothing compared to the peace of mind and money you will save if you ever stop a burglary. Some of you might be thinking that you are safe because you live in a suburb and nobody ever tries to rob anyone in the suburb, but if you take a look at the police reports you will see that there are robberies everywhere. It does not matter if you are in a rich or poor neighborhood, there has always and will always be crime all over the country. While it is true that there is less crime in some areas over others, that is absolutely true. That does not make you safe however. You should always have security installed on your home. Not only to protect your stuff, but to protect yourself as well. If a robber breaks in while you are home, he is willing to kill you over whatever it is he wants. Breaking in when people are home is usually the last sign of desperation in a crimanls psych evaluation.