Working Near Dallas Fort Worth

I just got a job within a quarter mile of the terminal of DFW. It was not what I had been planning, but the job paid just as well as the one I had come here to get. I had expected to catch on with one of the local electric companies in fort worth, but there had been a misunderstanding. Some way or another they had promised the same job to me and another person, however the other person was both a woman and a minority which did matter to them it seemed. Luckily for me they felt pretty badly about it and perhaps they were worried that I might sue them over the mistake. I am not really sure what good that would have done. Obviously I would have been harmed in some ways and it would have cost me some money and some time, but that is a hard thing to make stick in a court of law. I would have been embarrassed to have tried to do it in fact. At any rate they put me up in a hotel and told me they would try to fix the matter.

Of course I was qualified for the job and the guy apparently had a pretty good idea that I might get this job. In fact they sent me to the place where they had gotten another person from. He had left this job vacant to go to work in a better position for the power company, which apparently has some relationship with the company. I believe that they are a vendor in some way that is not obvious to me right now. At any rate they called me up bright and early the next day and told me where to go. The people had not posted the job yet and they hired me on the spot.