Why I Like My Direct TV Service More Than I Did Cable

I have been happy with our direct tv service ever since the first day we got it. We got a great deal on the service and installation for two TVs. The technician who put the system in was very nice. He was respectful of our house and everything. The system works fine. We do not lose signal like the negative ads the cable TV companies put out say will will happen. We have been through snowstorms and thunderstorms comfortably watching our satellite TV at home with no service interruptions. I guess the cable companies try to scare you so you will not switch to get lower prices on satellite TV packages.

I was a little nervous about the initial switch. However, once I started enjoying all of the features of satellite TV, I never looked back. We can record up to five things at one time. If we add more TV connections, it will be a mix of TVs being watched or shows being recorded for a total of up to five when you have on main receiver box. Plus, the other TVs can watch anything that is recorded, watch any channel and they can record shows too. It is great.

The on-screen guide is super. You can even click on a “cast and crew” option to read about the stars of the shows, see bio photos of the actors and read and see photos of directors and other crew. How many times have you wondered who a certain character was being played by? That happens often in our house. Plus, the box gets hooked up to your Internet connection to add even more functionality. There are TV apps and other features such as streaming On-Demand shows and movies. My cable box could not do all of the stuff my Direct TV box can do.