We Need More Cleaning Robots

I’ve seen a lot of absurd, random gadgets but the robot vacuum for dog hair has to be one of the more ridiculous devices that I’ve seen in recent times. Don’t get me wrong; pet hair can be a serious problem when you have a large dog that sheds or multiple animals that all shed. For someone who suffers from allergies like myself, animal dander and hair can be a serious issue. Do I really need a robotic vacuum? I don’t think so – why not get something that already exists and does its job well enough without buying into a specialty device?

That’s not to dismiss the idea if you’re someone who does enjoy the idea of niche products. I spend money on more absurd things myself. Personally, I love the idea of robotic vacuums and I use my Roomba quite a bit. I’ll freely admit that it does have a problem with pet hair but I don’t mind so much considering I already have a vacuum for that by itself. Considering the size of my house and the fact that I have three dogs, a robotic vacuum is hardly going to be able to handle a job like this. I imagine that it’s good for a small sized apartment that only has a small dog or cat.

It’s especially going to be useful for anyone who has a busy schedule. That was the same reason that I bought my Roomba in the first place; after so many hours of working there was no way that I wanted to come home and clean the house. It’s going to eb great when there are even more robotic devices to clean our houses. I’m waiting for that perfect device that’s going to be cleaning our windows – something which seems simple enough that it kind of blows my mind that it’s not an actual thing yet.