Trying to Make Impressive Documents

I would not really want to compare my boss to the current president of the United States, but there are some similarities. Notably the guy does not seem to like to read very much and it does not seem as though he has an attention span commensurate with the requirements of the job. Of course he is married to the only grand daughter of the guy who founded the company and that is all the qualification that he needs. At any rate I am trying to figure out if we can get better scanner software because of this situation. The man really prefers pictures to words, especially when you have stuff that is complex and difficult to get your mind around. Of course I deal with the technology of the job which we do and that is really vital. In fact I would not bother with him, except that you can not do this job without a budget.

In truth one of my assistants keeps hinting that we could really pull a scheme if we were the sort of folks that might steal from their employer. The boss is completely oblivious to the fine details of the job. He has to sign before we can get our money, but he has no real idea what we do with it and he shows absolutely no interest in it either. So if we were looking to put something over on him, that would be rather easy. The problem is that like any other company we get audited regularly and the accountants are quite likely to smell out that sort of thing. If you were not very ambitious than you could get away with a little bit of larceny I suppose, but they send you to jail for that just as much as when you steal a lot.