There Are a Few Things That I Have Been Saving Money for

After living with roommates for many years, I finally moved out on my own earlier this year. Previously I was living with three other people. Two people were simply moving back home after graduation. The third person still wanted a roommate, but she has always been a troublemaker, so I decided to strike out on my own instead. Because I still do not have a TV for my new place, I’m watching the Cyber Monday TV listings for 2017 very closely because I hope to get one for a good price that I can afford. Things have been really tight for me now that I am living by myself, and I have not purchased a television prior to now because paying full price just was not possible. However, I’ve been checking to see if there are any good deals, and I have my eye on one particular television that will be on sale. I’m pretty excited about the low cost. I hope to buy some other things up that will be discounted, too.

I originally thought that having roommates would be a lot of fun. Instead, there was a lot of drama, people eating one another’s food without replacing it, loud parties when I needed to study for tests and a lot of other problems. Each time that I made new friends and learned that they had no problems with the people they live with, it made me sad. Somehow, I ended up living with people who seem to have a lot of problems and do not know how to control themselves. As much as I need someone to live with to help me cover all my bills, I never want to go through that stress again.

I have slowly been buying the things that I need for my place. I get a lot of furniture at yard sales, and that saves me a lot of money. I also make sure that I am really careful not to buy anything that I do not need. This allows me to save money. I cannot wait to buy some things during the sale that I really want!