Started Looking Around for Locations

FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITIES IN INDIA - FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITIES - BABY ...I got the call from Dave this morning and he wants me to start looking around for locations to place the franchises that he is going to build. Of course so far he is being very hush hush about exactly what it is going to be or anything. I just know the dimensions of the building and the parking lot size that they are looking for. Obviously you find a location and you do what you can do with it, rather than only looking for a specific size of lot. Building one of these things is a bit of a joke at any rate. They are rather like building a lego set usually and hardly the sort of work a person like myself would crave. In fact I have a crew of guys who can do one of these places pretty much in their sleep at this point. We have built a good number of them, so that the actual process of doing the work is extremely straightforward at this point.