Something Better Always Comes Along

I heard about the High Park condos for sale, and initially ignored the offer, but one of my friends convinced me to get one. He told me that a condo would be a great place to live and it would be better than where I was living at the time. It’s funny that I didn’t see him signing up to live in a condo, but he did have a point. I was living in a small apartment where I was already running out of living space. The apartment looked old and it wasn’t even in a convenient location for me, as I had to travel an hour and a half to get to work, not counting traffic.

I decided to at least take a look at the condos. I could easily see whether I liked them or not, and if I didn’t, then I could just go back home without committing to anything. As I looked at the condos, I liked them more and more. I kept comparing them to my old apartment and they just made it look like nothing. I had pretty much made up my mind about living there in the first 15 minutes of seeing the condo, but I wanted to stay there just a little longer.

I ended the lease on my old apartment and went right to my new condo. I didn’t even mind that I would have to pack my items and haul them over to the new condo. I happily carried each box downstairs to my car, because the apartment didn’t have a working elevator. The condo was closer to my job, so when I woke up on Monday morning to go to work, it only took me about 30 minutes, with traffic, to get there. I got pretty lucky in getting this place.