Scorpions Are Really Gross and Nasty

... PEST CONTROL - Carefree, Cave Creek, North Scottsdale, & North PhoenixThere were are a lot of changes that I had to get used to when I moved to Arizona from New England. I knew that the heat was going to be hot and I told a lot of people that it wasn’t going to be too bad because there is no humidity but that is not the case at all. It is hotter than anything I have ever experienced in my life. I also had to call the pest control phoenix residents called the most because I wanted to get my home sprayed for scorpions. I saw one the second day that I moved into my new house and it sent me screaming and running out of my house. I had a neighbor see my reaction to the scorpion and she told me that she pays a very small fee to a pest control company for them to actually spray the outside of her house. The bottom of her house is sprayed and she said that it lasts about three months.