Playing Poker Online is Great

There is something really nice about a good hand of poker. The intrigue of wondering what others have, the expertise of knowing which cards to throw down and which to hold, and the ecstasy of winning a hand, and therefor the pot. Well, there is just not much else like that, especially when the pot is big. Poker in Indonesia can be played in many different ways. I have played poker with my family around the kitchen table, with my buddies while sharing a drink, and with friends at the casinos. What I had not done was try online poker, but that changed not that long ago.

It was not that I had anything against playing poker online. It seemed like a fine way to spend time enjoying something so popular. I just was more of a social poker player. A good friend of mine told me to give it a try though, and he predicted that I would be as excited about the online poker games as I was the games with friends. I did not think that was possible, but lo and behold, he was telling me the truth.

He told me which site to go to, which took out a lot of the hassle of finding one that was a good fit for me. Since the two of us have played poker for many, many years, I trusted his advice. It was easy to get registered, and the poker rooms were very enticing. There were so many! I finally took the plunge and entered into one, and it was like I was coming home. I felt so comfortable, and I played for nearly 90 minutes that first time. I walked away with just a little more than I went with, so it was time well spent. I have lost a few times, but I mainly focus on the times I win!