My Youngest Daughter Needs Braces

I am the proud parent of three girls. My two oldest girls have very straight teeth and never had the need for braces. But my youngest daughter could really benefit from getting them. She doesn’t want them but I keep telling her that she will be happy later on in life that she had it done. I have set up an appointment next week with a dentist that does braces in Launceston. My daughter doesn’t know about the appointment yet because I want to have a long talk with her about the whole process so as to lessen her anxiety about it.

The best way for me to have this conversation with her is to be as prepared as I can with as much information as possible. I started by going to my dentist’s website to see what kind of information is provided. I was very pleased to see detailed explanations of the different types options available. Heck, you can even get colored elastic bands to create your own unique style. That was interesting. I also saw some before and after pictures that were amazing. It is absolutely incredible how they can actually manipulate your teeth without harming them. The pictures alone are proof how successful this type of treatment is.

I just hope that she realizes how much of a positive impact getting braces will be for the rest of her life. She is going to get them regardless of what she says but it will make the whole process a whole lot easier on both of us if she is on board with having this done. I believe I’m fully prepared to sit down and have this conversation and try to convince her that this is for her own benefit. This way we are both prepared for the initial visit to the dentist.