More Soft Toys for the Collection

I’m a huge collector of plush toys. If it exists, then more than likely I have a plush toy of it. I’ve got plush toys from many franchises, including things that aren’t normally associated with them. For example, I have a toy from a serious crime drama. The toy has the main character making a scowling face with huge eyes, My most recent toy acquisition was a smiley face Pokemon toy. Ever since Pokemon was introduced, I’ve loved the series and the cute animals that come from it. Every couple of years more animals get added to the series, which means more for me to collect.

When you have as many plush toys as I do, you have to regularly vacuum them to keep them clean. In a way, it’s kind of like taking care of pets, except I don’t have to feed them. I arrange the toys on my shelves and even have some on my bed. I find the toys comforting when I have trouble getting to sleep. I just hold one or two and count backwards from 100 and I fall right asleep. The soft body of the toys really helps with this.

In a couple of weeks, a few more toys will be released to the public. I plan on being one of the first ones to get them. The demand for these toys is always pretty high when they are first released, and usually they become sold out after only being on the market for a few hours. They eventually become back in stock again, but this can take a while, depending on when the supplier provides the stores with more stock, and how fast they can make them. There are over 800 creatures now, so I’ll be collecting these toys until the end of time.