Maintaining the Upkeep of Our Homes

It’s time to start taking an account for what kind of upkeep needs to be done for our homes. It’s been a fairly rough year thanks to this violent weather we have been experiencing which means our homes have been taken on some serious wear and tear. Winter is no joke lately. We’re seeing some intense ice storms with impressive ice accumulations as well as snow on top of that. Throw in a good mix of a Polar Vortex or two and our homes are groaning in protest. I’ve already called a boiler repair in Hudson County NJ to take a closer look at my boiler before it hits.

Last year I approached winter with an almost arrogant nonchalant attitude and I paid the price for my laziness. Without going over any sort of up-keeping records, it’s no surprise that my furnace went out and my pipes busted. I lost over five thousand dollars on repairs alone, as well as being forced to leave my home for over a week due to the extreme cold making it unbearable for living conditions. This year I refuse to be caught unawares and I’ll be employing a step by step checklist every year for now on.

It’s so easy to do, too. It’s literally finding which contractors are in your area, surveying them for the best price and matching those prices to online reviews. Schedule appointments for inspections and done. Repair as needed. If I had been doing this from the start I would have not had to go through the massive headache that was last year and it took all of an hour to accomplish this week. Maybe I should publish my step by step guide to help others in my neighborhood; losing your heat or having a pipe burst in winter is no joke.