Looking at Getting the Big TV Package

If you go to Directv’s site and look at the cost of the Directv packages, then it is easy to see that you can spend a ton of money on them. If you get the Premier Packages, but without local channels, that costs you around a hundred and twenty eight bucks per month. That is a lot of money obviously, but in this case we would be splitting the cost three ways and the three of us are actually getting a really good deal. I went to this party about a month or so back and I met this girl who lived in the area. We were talking about normal stuff and for some reason I told her that I was paying way too much for my one bedroom apartment. She was actually a real estate lady and that was why I was talking about rent and so forth. Of course it was a party, she was a good looking young woman and while I did want to save money on my rent, that was not why I was talking to her.

At any rate she called me back up the next day. I would have been a lot more excited if I had thought it was more than business, but at rate she showed me this huge house. The rent on it was the same as what I was paying on my apartment. I immediately thought to myself that three or four people could easily reside in this house. What I was really thinking was that I could rent the place and then sublet it at a price where I was paying a fifth as much rent as I had been. I could have tried that as well, but instead I split the actual cost with two of my buddies.