In New Mexico to Turn Things Around

When I moved to New Mexico because of a new job, I thought my life would be like that one television show where the high school teacher starts making blue drugs after he learns that he has cancer. I guess my life wouldn’t be as intense as that, but I hoped for a little action every once in a while. Before moving, I searched for apartments for Rio Rancho NM online and found a great one that would become my new home. I come from up north, so I’m usually used to seeing colder weather. The warmer New Mexico weather takes a little getting used to over time.

Here in New Mexico, I work for a company that handles logistics. They sent me here because they wanted to increase the output of this branch of the company. At the other location where I worked, I did a pretty good job of increasing the output since I took the position, and my boss was very pleased with my work. He referred me to the higher ups in the company, and they felt I would be great for the job. The new job is like a promotion in a way, since it comes with more pay and benefits.

There is a chance that I could be moving away from New Mexico once things are going well at this company branch. While I do like to travel, and I would probably get another pay increase, I’m not too sure if I want to move again. I love New Mexico and the apartment that I’ve been living in since I got here. It feels like home to me, and to be separated from it would be terrible. I just don’t know if I can go through the process of finding a new place all over again, and not seeing the people that I’ve met.