I Needed a Better Accounting Program

I am an accountant, and I was frustrated with the accounting software programs that were available to me. I wanted the software to do certain things that it was just not doing, and I had no way of fixing that on my own. I was spending a lot of time by using two different programs, when I just wanted to use one that had the features of both software programs. I decided to do a search for bespoke software development in Chester to see if I could find a company that could customize one of the programs for me.

It might seem like a small thing to have to switch between two programs, but when it involves emailing and documenting things, it can add up to a significant amount of time. I just wanted to have a program that would be able to do everything that I needed it to do. When I contacted Loading Deck to explain what I wanted, I was really happy when they told me they would be happy to help me. They are a software development company that has a great deal of experience in helping small businesses like my own for a reasonable rate.

When they had the finished accounting software app done, I was so happy. I tested it out for everything that I wanted, and it passed every test with flying colors. About three days into using it, I came upon a unique issue with it, and the fine folks at Loading Deck were quick to respond. They had to tweak something in the software program, and it was operational in no time. I am so happy that I went there because the time I am saving throughout each day now has really added up for me. I was able to take on two new clients, and I could never have done that with the old software I was using.