I Am Doing Some Work on the Side

Of course I have the same boss as I do in the day time, but she is paying me cash for this work. It involves her interest in real estate and I am helping to do some work on this four story building that is not very far from where I live. In fact part of the deal is that she wants me to rent one of the apartments in exchange for the work, but we have not settled that yet. I did some calls for a one time cleaning service for Singapore, since this is a really big job. The place needs a lot of things done to it and the start is going to be to get rid of a lot of debris. There were some squatters in the place while it was empty and they left the place in a terrible mess and in a sickening stench. I guess they had nowhere else to go and obviously there was no one there to keep them out of this place.

I started out just fixing it so you could safely get in and out of the building. That took about three hours and then I was a real mess. We shall need to get a dumpster if we want to clean up all of the mess. I have been working on the lowest floor and already there is a huge amount of debris. It is filling up a large number of trash bins and the boss has no real plan on how to get rid of it all. After surveying the rest of the units I have decided that it is going to take more people than one to do all that needs to be done. In fact I could really use one of those little bull dozers I think.