Helping Soldiers Who Need Support

My grandfather served in World War II. My father served in the Vietnam War. My brother served in the Persian Gulf War. My oldest nephew has been deployed to Iraq twice. Needless to say, I take great pride in our nation’s military. Thankfully, my family members all came home safe and sound, but there are a lot of men and women who don’t. That is why I do all I can to help them. When someone asks me what the best veteran charities to donate to are, I always have a ready answer for them.

I have some local charities that my entire family supports, and then I also support the Crockett Foundation because they are doing some incredible things to help soldiers who are suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome. One of the things that I like best about this organization is that they are major proponents of having therapy dogs trained to help soldiers who do have PTSD. It is a very real condition, and it is hard for a lot of people to really understand what they are going through. All we can see if a person who doesn’t seem to have any physical ailments.

What we cannot see are the emotional issues that they have. Some can go to a therapist and get the help they need, and others are simply able to work through it on their own. They are the lucky ones. I have read a lot about PTSD in soldiers, and I fully support the use of therapy dogs in their treatment. That is why I decided to start supporting the Crockett Foundation. They are good people helping great people in the best way possible, and I definitely wanted to be a part of that. It makes me so happy when I am able to convince someone else to support their efforts as well.