Great Condo Locations in Miami

I am hoping to buy a winter residence, and a place to go on vacation, in Miami, in the near future, because I have always wanted to have a house in Florida, and I am now at a place in my life where I am going to be able to afford to make that happen. Right now, I am looking for great places to live in Miami, and I think that I might look into biscayne beach condos in miami as I have heard that is a pretty nice place to live.

I like that beach, and I have actually been there a couple of times before, even though I have only been to Miami a handful of times in my life to begin with. I suppose that I will start looking for the pricing of condos in that area, because I am pretty sure that I would like to make a move on purchasing a condo pretty soon. Since I have the money to do so, I want to hurry up and do this, before I change my mind.

I might go down for a visit to Miami soon, so that I will be able to look at any condos that I am thinking about buying in person, because that way, I will be able to get a better feel for the condo that I am thinking about. I really would not feel comfortable about purchasing a condo without looking at in person anyway. However, I am going to use the Internet to start my search for a condo, and I want to start by getting some info on the prices, and then I will move onto look into other concerns. I hope to buy something that is pretty nice, and I also would like to purchase a condo that is new.