Going with DirecTV Was the Best Choice for Us

It has been over a year since we have had our DirecTV installed. We had gone without TV service for about a year. We were only using a streaming service to watch the last seasons of some favorite shows and to watch some old TV shows. We really missed the local news. We signed up for the satellite service because of the great price they had for us. Yes, we had to agree to keep it for a specified length of time but that was okay. We got a great price having two TVs hooked up.

The picture was nice and clear on our old TV set. You know, the big ones that weigh about a 100 pounds and have that big glass tube. Shortly after we got DirecTV, we got an HD big screen TV. Satellite television service looks great on a big screen. Having a whole lot of High-Definition channels to watch is nice too. If you are a sports fan, you are definitely going to like DirecTV. You will like it if you like movies and On-Demand too because there are just so many options.

The installer had the system up and running in just a couple of hours or so. He did a really neat job of installation being very respectful of our house and property. He has been doing that work for a number of years and it showed. He also was very good at walking us through the tutorial of how to use the new system. We sat down and looked through all of the features as soon as he left. There was just too much to choose from. A bit overwhelming after not having TV at all for about a year.

We got rid of cable because of the cost versus benefit. It was just too expensive to have the channels we wanted. Plus, you could only record two things at once. Many of our favorite shows are on the same night at the same time. The ability to record five things at once really sold us on DirecTV.