Giving Life to the Car

Many years ago when I was a kid, I saw a show about a man who hosted a television show about tools. The man was clumsy sometimes and and he would cause all kinds of accidents on the set and in his home. This man had a project that he was working on at one point in the how, which was a hot rod. He collected parts and built a frame and eventually he put the whole thing together. I wanted to build my own hot rod and I used the funds from my Ewen Chia marketing to make it possible.

Before building the hot rod, I had to do a lot of research on what kinds of parts to put into it. I only had limited knowledge of cars, which only helped me a little when it came to assembling the hot rod. Learning about the different types of engines and how they work to deliver power and fuel to the car was fascinating. Once I had a clear understanding of what really goes into a hot rod, I put together a list of the parts that I needed. The parts list gave me a budget to work with and a goal to set financially.

Part by part I acquired what I needed for the hot rod. I started with the frame of the car, and added from there. Putting in engine was the most satisfying thing about building the car. Cranking that engine to test it was like breathing life into the car. The car began to take shape and it finally became complete. I gave it a final crank and it purred like a kitten. I opened the garage door and backed out of it to take the hot rod on its first test drive. It handled like a dream.