Getting a Lightweight Treadmill to Use at Home

We were looking for a small treadmill that weighed less than 50 pounds, but we wanted one that could take rigorous daily use. I always joke with people that some exercise equipment lasts so long and even looks great when it gets into garage sales because people never use it after a couple of tries. We are either walking outdoors or on a treadmill. We do it every single day without fail unless we are sick or there are extenuating circumstances. I went to and found a very nice small and perfectly functional treadmill that was under the max weight limit we set.

Our old treadmill was very heavy. It was almost as big as one you would find in a professional gym. It had all of the bells and whistles. We paid a fortune for it and did not like it. We would walk in the pouring rain rather than on that treadmill. When we got one that was just made for exercise use without all of the extras, then we began using it more. Part of the problem was that the big one was so big that we had to keep it in the garage. This one we have now is lightweight and small enough to store away and get out when ever we need it.

I never liked exercising in the garage. This treadmill actually tucks away in a big closet we have in our computer room. That is where we do the bulk of our work when we are telecommuting. We have two desks in there because both of us can be telecommuting on any given day. The treadmill from is great for those days it is freezing out, rainy out or even just too hot out to go walking. We prefer to be outdoors, but we also know the value of keeping moving no matter if we have to stay in or not.