Filtered Water Without Any Traces

I’ve used many filters that claim to be the best home water filter on the market. I don’t have some kind of fancy machine to test the contents of the water I drink like the experts do, but I do have eyes, and whenever I would use the water filters, I would always find pieces of material in my water. These pieces of material didn’t appear when I didn’t use the filter, so the only place they could have possibly come from would have been the filters. Each time I changed filters, the pieces still appeared, and I didn’t want to risk drinking the water.

I figured out that the pieces were indeed coming from the filters. The pieces were actually from the internals of the filters that get rid of microorganisms and chemicals. These pieces were harmless, but they shouldn’t have been appearing in the water after the filtration process. I didn’t want to have water and ice cubes that looked like I sprinkled black pepper in the water, so I stopped using the filters entirely. I almost gave up on the idea of having filtered drinking water, until I learned about one more filter.

I was willing to give this new filter a shot, and if it didn’t work, I would return it to the store and go back to drinking unfiltered tap water and bottled water. After a quick installation, I filled a big pitcher with water and a couple of ice trays as well. The water didn’t have any particles in it. At last I had found a filter that didn’t give me any unwanted items as a parting gift. I can really taste the difference in the filtered water in comparison to the regular tap water. I should bottle my water and sell it to other people.