Figuring out How to Hack Facebook

I know this sounds pretty bad, but I want to learn how to hack Facebook, so that I can see if my wife is talking to any other guys on her Facebook account. For awhile now, I have felt that she is growing more distant from me, and it kind of seems like it might be because she is having an affair with some other guy, behind my back. If that is what is going on, I want to find out, regardless of how much it is going to hurt me to find out. I do not think that I could ever forgive her if she was cheating on me, but I do not want to remain ignorant.

Part of me feels kind of bad, for suspecting her of something as serious as this. However, I know that she has cheated before, when she was in high school. But I was not with her then, and she has told me it was one of the biggest mistakes that she made in her life. It just seems like the passion is gone in our marriage, and I wonder if it is because she is doing things behind my back.

It hurts me so much to think about that being a possibility, but I figure that if I can get into her Facebook account, then I will have a good chance of finding out the truth. It is possible she would not communicate through Facebook, but she is always on the site, so I do not see why she would avoid it, just to keep information about her affair from being on it. I hope that I am wrong about this situation, because it would ruin our marriage, and also tear apart the family. I do not want to think about how it would impact the children.