Choosing Netflix over HBO or Showtime

Looking over High Speed Internet plans can give a person a serious headache! For the past week I have been comparing and looking over plans from a variety of local providers in hopes that I could find a way to save a bit of money. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that I am going to be able to do that unless I want to actually sacrifice a great deal of my current speed. In a modern world where so much of our personal entertainment stems from streaming technology and websites, that is going to be the last thing that I want to do to myself.

I find it an ironic and amazing fact that the companies which provide us Internet are still the same companies that are respnsibile for providing us with cable television or satellite television. As the recent battle between Netflix and Verizon, as well as Comcast and Time Warner, who have been shown to throttle Netflix streaming services, that the providers are in direct conflict with their consumers because of their divided interests. They should not be capable of being both a cable provider as well as an entertainment provider when so much direct competition is now coming from the Internet.

Just look at all the micro streaming services that currently exist which are encouraging consumers to cut their cable cords in order to take advantage of these cheap services that are now able to deliver some quality entertainment? While they might not be on the same level in terms of quality as say HBO, they are still showing Hollywood that they have more than enough financial backing as well as vision to accomplish something that many of us did not think possible – that Americans are choosing Netflix over a service like Showtime or even the likes of HBO.