Been Messing with This Old Traction Engine

I knew my grandfather had a bunch of weird stuff, but it has been a long time since I have been down to see him and he has gotten a lot worse about buying random stuff. It is his hobby, but the stuff has gotten bigger and more random. In this case it is a piece of agricultural equipment that must be a hundred and fifty years old. I took a picture of it and sent it to a friend of mine who does furnace repair in Bergen County NJ. He had only a basic idea of what it was, because it is not something that you see any more and not something that was very common even when they made them. It is called a traction engine and basically that means that it is a mobile steam engine. It generally pre dates the use of tractors and combustion engines that burn gas. It is not meant to do a whole lot of work itself, but to provide power to other machines.

It is not like there is a big market for this thing, because there are probably not too many people who could fix this thing and if you did try to fix the thing it would be really dangerous. These old steam boilers used to blow up and kill people all of the time back when people knew what they were doing. You would probably have to get a safe modern boiler if you wanted to actually use the thing. Or at least I was not going to test the thing with the original boiler. It does not look like it is all the way sound to me, although obviously you would get an expert like my friend to look at the thing before you tried to do anything.