Almost Ready to Go Back to the Office

Personal Injury Lawyer in San Antonio TXIt has been close to three months now, but I am finally about ready to get back to work. They had to cut me out of my rental car before they could transport me to the hospital and then for a while they were not sure if I was going to wake up and remember my ABC’s. I do not think I got any real brain damage, but they were not sure for awhile. It took me about three weeks to get out of the hospital bed. I think every personal injury lawyer in los angeles must have given me their car and tried to sneak into my room to get me to sign some sort of agreement. Of course I figured out why pretty soon. The guy who started the accident had not just been any jerk in a Porsche going too fast. He was a really rich guy in a Porsche going way too fast.

I probably could have tried to sue the guy for everything he was worth, but I would guess that he and his lawyers would have fought that for a very long time. So instead I got Kay to come out and figure out what made sense. Of course he and his lawyers were not ready for something like that. We gave them a number, which I thought was sort of high myself. It did not include the medical bills, he got all that stuff straight off the top. What we figured was how much money I was going to lose from not being able to work. Then we figured out a rough estimate of what we would win in court and how much it would cost to pay off the pack of hungry lawyers who would need to be involved. Then we gave them a number that would make sense to everyone based on that.