A Better Way to Shop at Home

Are you on the fence about buying a new TV this year? Maybe you’re torn between that Emerson or the Sony? I won’t argue that brand names often offer higher quality goods than your average off brand but it’s not hard to find high quality, relatively unknown brands offering sweet deals. This is generally the case for tv deals for Cyber Monday 2015. This is when you’re going to find amazing deals on all sorts of electronics. Whether they’re a Sony or an Emerson, they’re going to be on sale right from the comfort of your own home. Who in their right mind would ever want to go shopping during Black Friday when Cyber Monday is available to them?

I used to do the typical Black Friday sales just like everyone else but I absolutely hated it. I can’t imagine anyone actually enjoying going out in the mad crushing press of humanity fighting over sales. Often enough I’d simply be too late since I would refuse to actually wait outside the doors at 3am hoping to get in first. No, thank you; that’s now how I want to spend any night. Instead I’d wander through the crowds picking at the scraps left behind by those willing to do violence against others for their right to claim a piece of electronics.

This is not how a society should conduct itself. It’s madness pure and simple. It’s encouraged by the stores and retail brick and mortar establishments who are desperate to bring themselves back into the black. Profit, apparently, is worth the cost of hurting people to get rid of their stock. I’ll not ever support Black Friday ever again because of this. I no longer want to encourage this sort of behavior by the retail giants and rather support online establishments that offer a saver and cheaper venue.