My Youngest Daughter Needs Braces


I am the proud parent of three girls. My two oldest girls have very straight teeth and never had the need for braces. But my youngest daughter could really benefit from getting them. She doesn’t want them but I keep telling her that she will be happy later on in life that she had it done. I have set up an appointment next week with a dentist that does braces in Launceston. My daughter doesn’t know about the appointment yet because I want to have a long talk with her about the whole process so as to lessen her anxiety about it.

The best way for me to have this conversation with her is to be as prepared as I can with as much information as possible. Continue reading

Moving Forward on My Own is More Exciting Than Moving Forward with My Ex-Fiance Was


When my fiance told me that he didn’t want to marry me after we found the house we wanted to buy, I was in not prepared to hear that from him. I thought it was a mistake and he was just having a bad day. The very next morning, we were to meet with a Sacramento real estate appraiser to have the place we wanted appraised, but he told me that he wasn’t going to the meeting and he was calling our future wedding off, too. I was stunned, of course, but not angry or upset. At first, I wasn’t sure what to do and I called off the meeting the next day. Hours later, I watched my fiance walk out of my life for good.

I would be lying if I said that I was devastated. I didn’t feel that way. I didn’t feel depressed or as if I needed to eat a few gallons of ice cream or even cry in a friend’s arms. It felt like I had dodged a situation that could have been much worse, and I was so happy that he didn’t leave me after we were already married. I picked myself up and thought about what I should do next. I briefly thought of not purchasing the house, but then I remembered how much I loved it.

I ended up calling the real estate agent and asked her to run the numbers to see if I could afford the house on my own. She got back with me and told me the exciting news that I could easily afford it without the help of a second salary. She called the appraiser to set up another appointment, and I began moving forward by myself. I wasn’t scared. I was excited about my future. I realized that I would miss the beautiful house much more than I would ever miss the guy who left me!