There Are a Few Things That I Have Been Saving Money for

After living with roommates for many years, I finally moved out on my own earlier this year. Previously I was living with three other people. Two people were simply moving back home after graduation. The third person still wanted a roommate, but she has always been a troublemaker, so I decided to strike out on my own instead. Because I still do not have a TV for my new place, I’m watching the Cyber Monday TV listings for 2017 very closely because I hope to get one for a good price that I can afford. Things have been really tight for me now that I am living by myself, and I have not purchased a television prior to now because paying full price just was not possible. Continue reading

The Best Company for Exploration Needs


Our oil company needed new oil exploration technology in the worst way. That was something I noticed right away when I took a position with the firm and went out to check out our gear. I couldn’t believe the equipment this company was using to try and find new oil finds. I hesitate to use the word medieval, but it sure looked that way. The stuff they were using was so out of date that it really was shocking to me. I wondered how they could have possibly stayed in business using all this old junk.

In this day and age you simply must have the best, up to date equipment available. Oil exploration isn’t a game anymore, if it ever was. Back in the old days you could take your time and head out and do some looking and maybe you would find something. The old timers act like it was an almost a supernatural ability to find a new oil field. Continue reading

People Really Love Store Payment Options

My wife and I opened our own store that sells electronics to people in our neighborhood. I was worried about having a store like this because I thought it would be an easy target for thieves, but so far no one has tried to steal from it. During the early days of the store, there weren’t many customers coming in, and my wife suggested I look into consumer financing companies so that people would be more likely to spend money on our electronics. I didn’t see the link between financing and more customers, but to my wife it was clear.

The explanation that my wife gave me was that people would be more likely to buy from our store if they knew they could make partial payments for the items. Since not everyone has the money needed to buy our electronics for the upfront asking price, they may be able to pay in increments until the total cost has been covered and they own it outright. I contacted one company and set up a system with them for customers to pay with, and made some new advertisements to tell people that we had this option available at our store.

One day after the new ads went in place, people came to the store in droves. They were asking about all of the popular electronics that we had for sale and wanted to open up payment plans with us. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. While it was nice to see all of these people coming to the store, I was worried that some of them wouldn’t be able to actually pay for what they were buying at the time. My wife told me not to worry about that, because one way or another, we would get our money, even if they decided that they didn’t want to continue paying.

Playing Poker Online is Great

There is something really nice about a good hand of poker. The intrigue of wondering what others have, the expertise of knowing which cards to throw down and which to hold, and the ecstasy of winning a hand, and therefor the pot. Well, there is just not much else like that, especially when the pot is big. Poker in Indonesia can be played in many different ways. I have played poker with my family around the kitchen table, with my buddies while sharing a drink, and with friends at the casinos. What I had not done was try online poker, but that changed not that long ago.

It was not that I had anything against playing poker online. It seemed like a fine way to spend time enjoying something so popular. I just was more of a social poker player. A good friend of mine told me to give it a try though, and he predicted that I would be as excited about the online poker games as I was the games with friends. I did not think that was possible, but lo and behold, he was telling me the truth. Continue reading