It’s a Must to Show People How Much They Are Appreciated

I worked for a lot of companies that didn’t really seem to care about their employees over the years. So, as someone who has gone on to start a business, I’ve tried to do what I can to show my employees how much they are a valued part of the company. We have hosted all sorts of retreats and corporate training in Singapore for our hard workers. Not only do they gain valuable insight into how to do their jobs better, but they also get to have some time off in a beautiful location. It’s a win-win for everyone and the company itself.

The last training retreat that we held was a really nice one. Not everyone has the extra time to take a personal vacation. People have bills to pay of all kinds. People have children to take care of. But when the business you work for pays for all your accommodations, food, transportation, etc, it sure makes things easier. Continue reading