Using Esri ArcGIS Mapping for My Job


Drilling is a big thing now that the Marcellus Shale project in North America is super active. Most people do not even pay much attention to the massive pipeline infrastructure that is being built to pipe huge quantities of natural gas that exist in the United States right under our feet. There is so much gas that it won’t be long until there are a lot more cars powered by NG (natural gas). I work using Esri ArcGIS software on maps to coordinate drilling projects. There is a lot of work right now for geologists like me.

I have been noticing a lot more commercial trucks and buses that have the symbols on them that indicate they are fueled by NG, and I think of all the work that goes into getting that fuel out of the ground. We have a lot of drilling going on in the area I live. Continue reading

Trying to Make Impressive Documents


I would not really want to compare my boss to the current president of the United States, but there are some similarities. Notably the guy does not seem to like to read very much and it does not seem as though he has an attention span commensurate with the requirements of the job. Of course he is married to the only grand daughter of the guy who founded the company and that is all the qualification that he needs. At any rate I am trying to figure out if we can get better scanner software because of this situation. Continue reading