Replacing the Roof Was a Snap

I needed a roof installation in Brooklyn NY because the one I have now hadn’t even been looked at in at least a decade. That is a serious issue because roofs that aren’t replaced tend to leak sooner rather than later. A leaky roof can cause all sorts of problems for a structure. You can get a mold problem, for example, or the water can cause damage to the underlying structural supports. In the worst case scenario a building can collapse if the roof hasn’t been replaced. Ten years is way too long to wait so I knew I needed an inspection and likely a total replacement.

I asked around and looked online and found a great company with a lot of experienced roofers. They’ve worked on all sorts of roofs under all sorts of conditions so I figured they would easily be able to ascertain whether I needed some help. Sure enough the guy who came out to take a look immediately could tell that the whole thing had to go. He pointed out the severe weathering and cracks and said a total replacement would be the best option. Fortunately my insurance will pay for it.

I expected I would have to live through a week of non-stop thumps coming from the roofers tossing stuff around and hammering in the new roof, but the whole job only took a couple of days. I was pretty impressed. I think the people I had before were just lazy because it took them forever. These guys wasted little time getting the job done. I was even more impressed when I saw them walking around and picking up their mess. They even picked up all the roofing nails they tossed off the building. It’s great to see companies still doing good work in this country.