What We Need is a Sense of Progress


Have you been looking for a new apartment? How about a new job? With President Trump coming into power we’re finally beginning to see what a president is capable of for job creation. There’s a Great American Wall in our future. A Wall that is going to be so grand, so massive and such a profound undertaking that thousands of people are going to be required to complete it. Everything from traditional laborers, engineers and architects, the demand for people is going to ensure that every one of the Stone Oak Apartments in San Antonio are going to be stuffed full. Texas is going to make so much money off this that they’ll end up filthy rich.

It’s good for the economy. Texas has an immense amount of land that is not being used. Building up that land is going to be important for American economy. Once we cease trade with our Mexican friends to the south and the wall goes up, we’re going to have to bring all the jobs back from the South. Continue reading