Going with DirecTV Was the Best Choice for Us

It has been over a year since we have had our DirecTV installed. We had gone without TV service for about a year. We were only using a streaming service to watch the last seasons of some favorite shows and to watch some old TV shows. We really missed the local news. We signed up for the satellite service because of the great price they had for us. Yes, we had to agree to keep it for a specified length of time but that was okay. We got a great price having two TVs hooked up.

The picture was nice and clear on our old TV set. You know, the big ones that weigh about a 100 pounds and have that big glass tube. Shortly after we got DirecTV, we got an HD big screen TV. Satellite television service looks great on a big screen. Having a whole lot of High-Definition channels to watch is nice too. Continue reading

Been Messing with This Old Traction Engine

I knew my grandfather had a bunch of weird stuff, but it has been a long time since I have been down to see him and he has gotten a lot worse about buying random stuff. It is his hobby, but the stuff has gotten bigger and more random. In this case it is a piece of agricultural equipment that must be a hundred and fifty years old. I took a picture of it and sent it to a friend of mine who does furnace repair in Bergen County NJ. He had only a basic idea of what it was, because it is not something that you see any more and not something that was very common even when they made them. It is called a traction engine and basically that means that it is a mobile steam engine. Continue reading

Best Deals for Satellite Television Through Direct TV

I have finally made the decision to switch away from cable, and to start to use Direct TV. I have seen a lot of commercials about doing so, but I do not think that they led me to the conclusion that I should switch. I would like to think that I am in control of my own decisions, but I will admit that the commercials probably influenced me to some extent. Anyway, I want to find information about satellite direct tv and the prices that they are offering for their various packages.

I am not even sure that I am eligible to get the service, because there are a lot of trees around my house, and I kind of live down in a valley. Continue reading