Choosing Netflix over HBO or Showtime

Looking over High Speed Internet plans can give a person a serious headache! For the past week I have been comparing and looking over plans from a variety of local providers in hopes that I could find a way to save a bit of money. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that I am going to be able to do that unless I want to actually sacrifice a great deal of my current speed. In a modern world where so much of our personal entertainment stems from streaming technology and websites, that is going to be the last thing that I want to do to myself. Continue reading

Keys to Talking to Beautiful Women

I am now 20 years old, and I still have never been laid in the course of my life. I do not want to turn out like the guy in Santa Barbara, who ended his life by shooting up a sorority, due to his inability to find a girl to go out with him. I am certainly not such a hopeless case as that guy though. He was genuinely disturbed. I just need some help, and then I should be fine. I am looking at the desire system right now, because I think it might be the help that I need in order to get a girl.

I mostly have trouble talking to girls. That has always been true.