Recent Breakthroughs for Herpes Treatment

known cure yet for genital herpes, there are many different treatment ...I have been living with genital herpes for more than decade, and I would rather not discuss the details of how I got it in the first place. That is not a very fun story to tell, and it would definitely put a damper on my mood, if I were to explain it right now. Instead, I am going to stick to my main purpose, which is to try to find information related to recent breakthroughs for a herpes cure and general advances in treatment of herpes in general.

I really do not like having an STD, it kind of makes me feel like I have been tainted. And I guess that in some respects, that is actually the case. I try not to let it get me down, but some times it is hard. I have had difficulty with relationships ever since I first got the disease. I wish that I could get rid of it, but I know that it is not easy to do that.

I wonder if it is possible to have your herpes go permanently dormant.

Why I Like My Direct TV Service More Than I Did Cable

I have been happy with our direct tv service ever since the first day we got it. We got a great deal on the service and installation for two TVs. The technician who put the system in was very nice. He was respectful of our house and everything. The system works fine. We do not lose signal like the negative ads the cable TV companies put out say will will happen. We have been through snowstorms and thunderstorms comfortably watching our satellite TV at home with no service interruptions. I guess the cable companies try to scare you so you will not switch to get lower prices on satellite TV packages.

I was a little nervous about the initial switch. Continue reading

Working Near Dallas Fort Worth

I just got a job within a quarter mile of the terminal of DFW. It was not what I had been planning, but the job paid just as well as the one I had come here to get. I had expected to catch on with one of the local electric companies in fort worth, but there had been a misunderstanding. Some way or another they had promised the same job to me and another person, however the other person was both a woman and a minority which did matter to them it seemed. Luckily for me they felt pretty badly about it and perhaps they were worried that I might sue them over the mistake. I am not really sure what good that would have done. Obviously I would have been harmed in some ways and it would have cost me some money and some time, but that is a hard thing to make stick in a court of law. I would have been embarrassed to have tried to do it in fact. Continue reading

Respected Doctors in Westchester, New York

Westchester County 50+ Gay Men's Social Group Meetup in ChappaquaI have need for a doctor, and unfortunately, I have yet to go to a doctor in Westchester, which is my new home, and has been my home for close to a year now. I should have found a doctor when I moved here, but I have always been somewhat fearful of doctors. I know that is silly, and that doctors are necessary, but it is just how I think. I would like to find a doctor in westchester ny that is very respected in the area, and I will try to find some reviews to help me with the process.

Of course, there are other concerns as well, beyond how respected the doctor is. I need to find a doctor that is within the provider network for my new health insurance policy.