Doing Some Buying in High Point

... office sofa type office furniture general use commercial furnitureI have been in North Carolina this week working the High Point Furniture Market. I was going to be here at any rate and I made a deal with a guy I know who does the buying for a singapore furniture retailer. He is not going to be able to be here, but he made it pretty clear what he wants, pretty much higher end stuff that is difficult to find in other markets. There are plenty of places which make cheap stuff here, they pretty much have to in order to face the competition from places with lower priced work forces. What they want is the sort of thing you would need to properly furnish a mansion or a penthouse, or for some place where the owner wished to make it appear that they had those sorts of affectations.

Don’t Let a Spouse Control You

When you get married, the last thing that you can expect from your partner is that they will one day disappear with most of your money, your kids and even your dog. Divorce is certainly on the mind of some, it’s too common for it to not to be, but to have your spouse actually kidnap the children is something else entirely. It happened to me, though. We had moved to Singapore recently to give our children a non-American upbringing just so they would be able to see a larger world. Soon, I hired a private detective in singapore because of some suspicions I had from my wife. She had been going out with a business partner often, something that she had never really done back home, and her behavior had changed entirely. It turned out that she was seeing someone else on the side. I was heart broken. When I confronted her about it, she flew into a rage accusing me of stalking her – which, in a way, I had done.

It didn’t matter. She was the one in the wrong and hadn’t the courage to tell me that she was unhappy. Continue reading