Sometimes It’s Best to Stick with Who You Have

Limousine Gallery - Hollywood Stars LimosThere seems to be some confusion going around about where the best place to find out some limo information in Toronto is. Well, I am here to put that to rest because although there are hundreds if not thousands of supposed limo review sites, very few stand out as actually being good well maintained sites. Some of them were at one point good, but their information is so outdated that they are actually pulling people away from the good companies. You need a site that updates reviews every few months, and the one that I found is

You Learn That Every Second Counts

GTA Limo - Greater Toronto Area Limousine ServiceI have come across many limo services in my time, and I have hated most of them. They either had nosy drivers, or worse just poor drivers. Poor drivers are the bane of my existence, I mean they just take longer routes than are necessary which is a shame because I like to show up everywhere early, but with some of these drivers that is just impossible. I mean I have ridden with probably a hundred different limo services and the best one that I have ever experienced would probably have to be toronto limos, they are just so much better than the others it is unreal. Their drivers know not to mess with anyone. They understand that their job is to drive and not to listen or talk to you.

Best Business Coaching for Small Business

I own a small business, but the sales are not doing so hot right now, and I want to try to do whatever I can to fix that in the future. I opened this business without knowing much about business, and that is a fact that I am kind of coming to regret at this point in time. I probably should have tried to learn more before opening up shop, but I was able to get a loan from my uncle to start the business. I want to look into business coaching right now, to help me to learn to be a better owner and manager of a small business.

I think that might be my best option when it comes to improving the profit margin.

Great Prices on Birthday Cakes in Singapore

My family is taking a great vacation to Singapore right now, and we are going to be here for two more weeks. I think that it is the longest family vacation that we have ever been on. However, my wife has family from Singapore, so I think that it is making for a nice lesson for my children in learning about part of their heritage. I want to look into birthday cakes in singapore right now, because one of my children is going to be having a birthday next week, and even though we are in a foreign country at this point in time, I think that it would still be nice to throw a small birthday party for him.

It is my oldest son who is having his birthday, and he is going to be 16 years old. Continue reading

Started Looking Around for Locations

FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITIES IN INDIA - FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITIES - BABY ...I got the call from Dave this morning and he wants me to start looking around for locations to place the franchises that he is going to build. Of course so far he is being very hush hush about exactly what it is going to be or anything. I just know the dimensions of the building and the parking lot size that they are looking for. Obviously you find a location and you do what you can do with it, rather than only looking for a specific size of lot. Building one of these things is a bit of a joke at any rate. They are rather like building a lego set usually and hardly the sort of work a person like myself would crave. In fact I have a crew of guys who can do one of these places pretty much in their sleep at this point. We have built a good number of them, so that the actual process of doing the work is extremely straightforward at this point.