You Should Always Be Alarmed

There are plenty of home security tips that I could share with you, but I am only going to take the time to share the most important ones with you today. While you might think that the second floor of your home is safe, you would be wrong. There are plenty of theives willing to climb on top of your roof just to get into an unlocked window or door. So make sure that you are always locking both your downstairs and upstairs windows. You should even go as far as to alarm the upstairs windows because you do not want someone sneaking into your home while you are asleep. Continue reading

Renting Great Space for Retail

I decided with my best friends that we would open up a hair accessory store and I thought that it was going to be a great thing to be able to make our hair accessories while we could work together. We worked out a business plan with a lawyer who was a friend of ours so that we could make sure that there were clear lines that would not be crossed. We were told not to go into business with our friends by our family but it ended up working out for us. We saw a space at tp180 where we were going to be able to rent a great space for just a little amount of money. I was worried that we were going to run out of money if we did not sell a lot in the first few weeks but that was not the case.

Getting Moved into My Own Place

I was living with a couple of guys I knew in High School. At first it was great. We were away from our parents, we stayed up as long as we liked and drank a lot of beer. We had girls over to party, that part of it was great. Of course I had a pretty good job and those other guys did not always have any money. So I would always end up paying more than I agreed to. Today I looked through some internet provider bundles, because I am going to end up paying for the cable and the internet by myself. The place I got is a tiny little house in a nice quiet neighborhood. Continue reading

Scorpions Are Really Gross and Nasty

... PEST CONTROL - Carefree, Cave Creek, North Scottsdale, & North PhoenixThere were are a lot of changes that I had to get used to when I moved to Arizona from New England. I knew that the heat was going to be hot and I told a lot of people that it wasn’t going to be too bad because there is no humidity but that is not the case at all. It is hotter than anything I have ever experienced in my life. I also had to call the pest control phoenix residents called the most because I wanted to get my home sprayed for scorpions. I saw one the second day that I moved into my new house and it sent me screaming and running out of my house. I had a neighbor see my reaction to the scorpion and she told me that she pays a very small fee to a pest control company for them to actually spray the outside of her house. The bottom of her house is sprayed and she said that it lasts about three months.

Saving Money on Energy is Easy

For years, I was never able to choose what electric company I wanted to power my home. There was only one company that serviced the power in my area until the state decided to de regulate the power and we could choose from many different power companies based on price. There were a lot of new companies in my state that were offering very competitive prices on power and I thought it was great that we could now choose which company we wanted to use. It took a bit of time to determine which company but Continue reading