Been Doing Some Work on the Side

I still have a full time job, but it is not really something I am able to depend upon being there in the long term. So I have been looking to cut expenses and make some money where I can. Lately I have been doing a lot of work for an austin divorce attorney. A friend of mine had to use him when he and his wife broke up, but like me he had useful skills. He was a master plumber and it happened that this attorney needed a plumber while my friend owed him money. Eventually the two of them sort of fell in together, doing real estate investing.

What Are the Benefits of a DSL Internet Connection?

As our understanding and control of the Internet grows and begins to diversify, so do the monthly fees that are associated with having an connection to it. Having an internet provider can be extremely costly for some people, for which a monthly Internet connection can cost more than $30 a month! Fear not, because has the perfect solution for your internet needs: a DSL connection.

Although it is though to be outdated, having a DSL Internet connection can be more beneficial than a cable connection in a variety of ways. The first, most notable positive difference is that of price. Continue reading